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SPN: The Righteous Man by Atomic-Clover

The overall composition I love as well as the visual parallel of his eyes. There's just something a bit off. I'm thinking the face shap...



Style Meme 2 - Moe by Ashen-Phoenix
Style Meme 2 - Moe
Second entry in the style meme I recently took part in. Moé is definitely outside my regular wheelhouse (even if I do love cute things) so I struggled a bit with this one. In the end I tried to stick to rounded shapes, shiny highlights, and those tiny, tiny feet.

That little dot of a nose is so weird lmfao

My OC monster girl, Kaieira.

Drawn in pencil, cleaned and edited in GIMP.
Style Meme 1 - Scott Pilgrim by Ashen-Phoenix
Style Meme 1 - Scott Pilgrim
First entry in the style meme I recently took part in. I decided to draw as many of them in full body as I could even if on the meme itself, only the upper body is visible.

I really enjoyed mimicking Bryan Lee O'Malley's iconic style. The blocky hands and ultra-clean lines were my favorite parts. I'll post the rest from the style meme in the days to come. :mwahaha:

My original character, Kaieira (ky-air-ruh)

Drawn in pencil. Cleaned up and text added in GIMP.
Pokemon fusion by Ashen-Phoenix
Pokemon fusion
I've seen some truly incredible (and nightmarish) results from people taking on the Pokémon Fusion challenge. I've wanted to try my hand at it for a long time so at long last here's my entry. Yes. I'm jumping on the bandwagon. :ninja:

Turned out pretty cute. I tweaked a bit the design to give it more personality; the black fire + electricity was and its swoopy hair was especially fun. I kinda want to draw this little guy again.

NAME: Pikamander
TYPE: Fire/Electric

Drawn in pencil. Cleaned and colored in GIMP.

Original sprites © Nintendo.
Pokemon Fusion:
Hey Digimon, Hey Digimon by Ashen-Phoenix
Hey Digimon, Hey Digimon
Had a wave of nostalgia lately so I made a new Digimon fan character. I wanted a snarky cool-girl image so I gave her droopy eyes and a rabbit-like hairstyle (plus a bunny-eared hoodie). Her leggings are all one piece with the star-patterns in middle (not bare knees).

No ideas on a name or colors yet.
Pixiv Style Meme by Ashen-Phoenix
Pixiv Style Meme
Haven't had much drive to draw for a good while so when I saw this style meme in my notifications I had to push to give it a go. I ended up having a lot of fun. Changed out some of the styles BECAUSE I CAN... and 'cause I like some of these styles more than the originals. Yay for diversity! :w00t:

From top to bottom, left to right:

My own style - no real expression. This was originally done for an outfit/character sheet so I didn't give much thought to her emotion. Colored in GIMP.

Realistic - confident. The style I did last. It proved the most difficult but I tried my best so I'm fairly proud of it, even if I think I made her look like a villain. I mean she's supposed to look intimidating, so...

Scott Pilgrim - irritated. I think this was the style I had the most fun with. Kind of blocky and lots of clean lines. Bryan Lee O'Malley's comic is, if nothing else, a truly wild ride with a terribly cuddly look.

Moé/Cute - happy. Very different from my regular style, even compared to my chibis and younger characters. Mostly I tried to keep round shapes in mind and include as many shiny parts as I use cram in (Full disclosure: I'm not a fan of rosy-shiny knees on moé characters).

Old Video Game - drunk. Sonic the Hedgehog is a style that's very recognizable to me, plus I thought it'd be more memorable and enjoyable than an old manga (of which I know very few. I think counting Cardcaptor Sakura or InuYasha just shows my age, or lack there of). I got a kick outta making her a wolf-girl (shout out to Star Fox's Wolf O'Donnell for that inspiration) and how I had to turn her hairpins into fur patterns.

Ken Sugimori aka Pokémon - sad. Why did I make the happiest childhood style cry? lol I have no idea. It just worked out that way. For some reason her nose reminds me of a snowman's.

Shounen - pleased. Another shameless callback to my childhood. Dragonball Z was ALL KINDS OF AWESOME seeing it, Sailor Moon, and Gundam Wing on Toonami every afternoon. The ultra-pointy designs were challenging in the best way. (Android 18, Piccolo, and young!Gohan ftw).

Shoujo - confused. Fruits Basket made a huge impact on my teen years during its run, so even though I have older shoujo faves it still stands out to me. I never noticed how pointy their faces were, though I think Natsuki Takaya's art has changed quite a bit since then.

Adventure Time - silly. Never seen the show (heard good things) but it has such an unusual look and bouncy energy it was more appealing to me than drawing a Mii (which I largely find ugly as sin).

Hajime Ueda - blank/hollow. Ever since I laid eyes on the gorgeous visual acid trip that is Bakemonogatari and the crazily stylized, creepy-cute ED I knew I wanted to draw something like Ueda. I didn't clean up the sketch at all in keeping with his messy style, which was an odd novelty for me. Left out a lot of details but still feel like I included more than I probably needed to. :lmao:

Chose my long-time monster girl OC, Kaieira, for this exercise. May post more of her and some others from the same universe in the future.
Except for the realistic one I did all of these in full-body, so I'll post the originals later on if there's enough interest in seeing 'em.

Original template can be found here.



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United States
Feeling a lot better these days, least of all because I've regained internet capabilities.

RL stuff has been all over the place so it's great to finally have it settle down somewhat. Due to the workload of my new job I'm back into drawing and will post some things when I can.
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