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SPN: The Righteous Man by Atomic-Clover

The overall composition I love as well as the visual parallel of his eyes. There's just something a bit off. I'm thinking the face shap...



Blood and Ashes by Ashen-Phoenix
Blood and Ashes
A little hybrid beastie, the result of some sweet DA references, a never-ending obsession with dragonifying everything, and a love of creepy-cute mythical foxes (kitsune, gumiho/kumiho). I like to imagine when it closes its eyes and mouth it looks much friendlier/less scary. :XD:

I will most definitely be coloring it sometime soon. If you'd like to color it, feel free. Just be sure to credit me and please, send a link back because I wanna see it! :heart:

Happy Halloween!
Cut 'em Down by Ashen-Phoenix
Cut 'em Down
A recent dragon design I did for work. Growing up with Digimon and Pokemon--and still enjoying them to this day--I freely referred to the dynamic and colorful yet playful design aesthetics for this little guy. As for why the flame-wings aren't directly attached to his body, that's because... reasons. Because why not (I blame Mai-HiME for its over-the-top cyber dragon, Kagutsuchi).

It was challenging to balance the stylized flames and still keep them looking anything like wings, but it was fun to figure out too. Falling hard and fast for the raptors in Jurassic World affected his overall concept as well.

I imagined him as a companion creature ala the daemons in His Dark Materials which only further reinforces the Digimon angle lol. I named him Daisy and subsequently chose a blue underbelly as a nod to the BLU-82B/C-130 weapon system, which bears the nickname "daisy cutter." (When angry, his eyes would also resemble a certain someone).

Drawn with pencil, inked with Pigma Microns, colored with various Crayola, Rose Art, Prisma, touched up in GIMP (because my scanner eats color apparently). Approx. 3-4 hrs to draw as I was originally working off too small a drawing pad to fit both wings, which required scanning, tracing off the screen itself to get a larger image, then transferring it to a larger sheet. Approx. 4 hrs to color.
Mouth and Eyes - expression practice by Ashen-Phoenix
Mouth and Eyes - expression practice
Some stuff I've been working on lately as a stress-reliever (as well as to push myself a bit). I keep that 25 expressions meme in the back of my head so eventually I'll do that proper.

Some are older than others, so it's been pretty fun to revisit and redraw expressions I haven't done in a while. I really like the angry ones (The scared one is inspired by one of the amazing expressions in the OEL manga My Cat Loki). Getting the hang of her eyes' shape is tricky but a lot of fun too.

Edit: Forgot to remove the date (it is a lie). No way did I do this all in one sitting.

More pieces of my monster girl OC, Kaieira. I can blame large portions of her design on Air Gear's Agito/Akito/Lind Wanijima and Gurren Lagann's Viral, so looking over pics of them has helped improve, I think.



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